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Postdoctoral fellowship in sheep population genomics

This project will be financed by Carl Tryggers Stiftelse and the research will be conducted in the group of Dr. Torsten Günther within the Human Evolution Program at the Department of Organismal Biology (Evolutionary Biology Center, Uppsala University). The Günther group is specifically studying the prehistory of humans in Europe and the genomic history of animal domestication while developing and improving population genomic and bioinformatic methods to analyze palaeogenomic data. The Human Evolution Program, in which the Günther group is situated, has a broad interest in population genetics and houses a state-of-the art ancient DNA lab. There are ample opportunities to work closely with researchers who focus on related projects. The research environment is international with English as working language. See Dr. Günther’s web-page for more information on research and recent publications (https://gunther-lab.org) and the Human Evolution Program web-page for more information on the program (http://www.iob.uu.se/research/human-evolution/).

Project description: The comparison of domesticated taxa and their wild relatives has always fascinated biologists. This project will reconstruct the demographic history of domestic sheep as well as their wild and feral relatives in the Mediterranean Region. This will involve the analysis of modern and ancient genomes across that range. In addition to the demographic history, the project will investigate the genomic signatures of selection as well as introgression between the groups.

Qualifications: A doctoral degree in a relevant field (e.g. evolutionary/population genetics, computational biology, bioinformatics) is required at the starting date. The ideal candidate is highly motivated with a thorough education and strong interest in population genomics. Experiences with handling Next Generation Sequencing data, demographic analysis, ancient DNA or scripting/programming are also advantageous. Candidates must have excellent written and oral communication skills in English.

How to apply: Please email your application to Torsten Günther (torsten ‘dot’ guenther ‘at’ ebc ‘dot’ uu ‘dot’ se). The email should use the subject line “CTS Postdoc application” and all documents should be attached as a SINGLE PDF file. The application should include a letter of intent describing your research interests and your suitability for the position. The application should also include a CV with a publication list and other relevant achievements. Please provide contact details for at least two references.

The position: Starting date is May 1st or according to agreement. This position is funded by a tax-free two year stipend (25,000 SEK per month) awarded by the Carl Tryggers Foundation. The regulations of the foundation require that the candidate is an incoming postdoc (i.e. the PhD degree should not be from Uppsala University) and that the PhD degree has not been awarded more than six years before the starting date. Candidates receiving their PhD degree during the first half of 2023 can be considered. Information about (academic) life in Sweden are available from the Uppsala University Postdoc Association or The Young Academy of Sweden.

Please contact Torsten Günther (torsten ‘dot’ guenther ‘at’ ebc ‘dot’ uu ‘dot’ se) for informal inquiries. Reviewing applications will begin on January 23rd 2023 and continue until a suitable candidate is found. The final candidate will have to be approved by the foundation.

Looking forward to your applications!


European mouflon (Jörg Hempel, CC-BY SA 3.0)

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