Günther Lab @ Uppsala University

population genomics | ancient DNA | domestication | prehistory


You are interested in joining us to work on population genomics and population history? Great! If we do not have specific openings at the moment please contact Torsten directly to discuss potential projects.

Depending on what you are looking for and what career stage you are in, we may have different opportunities. You are:

  • a Postdoc (or about to finish your PhD) — There are a number of Swedish (e.g. Lawski Stiftelse, Carl Tryggers Stiftelse, Wenner-Gren Stiftelserna) and international (e.g. EMBO, HFSP) fellowship programs for incoming postdocs. Just contact us with your interests/ideas and we can discuss options!
  • a PhD student — we currently do not have any openings but there may be possibilities in the near future.
  • a Bachelor/Master student — please contact us with your specific interests and we will see how we can design a project for you.
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