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population genomics | ancient DNA | domestication | prehistory


TG6Torsten Günther (EMail: torsten.gunther ‘at‘ ebc.uu.se) started the lab in 2018. He did his PhD on population genomics of Arabidopsis thaliana and then came to Uppsala University as a Postdoc in September 2013. Torsten is studying ancient DNA data in order to understand more about human migrations and adaptation in prehistoric Europe, but he also continues to be interested in population genetics of non-human species including domesticated animals. Twitter CV

pedroPedro Morell Miranda (EMail: pedro.morell ‘at‘ ebc.uu.se) is a PhD student in the lab. Pedro has a broad interest in evolutionary and population genetics of animals as well as computational biology. He is using genomic ancient DNA to study the population history of domesticated animals. Twitter



Luciana Simões (EMail: luciana.simoes ‘at‘ ebc.uu.se) is a co-supervised PhD student from the Jakobsson Lab at Uppsala University. Luciana is fascinated by the possibility of unraveling human evolution by disentangling patterns of genetic variation through time. She is using ancient DNA to investigate the demographic history of populations, with a focus on the Neolithic transition. Furthermore, she is interested in the development of Next Generation Sequencing techniques in order to improve the quality of genomic sequences and aDNA research. Twitter

meghaMegha Srigyan is a master student from the MEME program. She performing a research project with historical ancient DNA data from the Middle East.



_MG_9875Rickard Hammarén is a PhD student from the lab of Carina Schlebusch. His focus is on the population history of several African populations using both modern and ancient DNA. Torsten is one of his co-supervisors. Twitter


General information on joining the lab


photo-HannesHannes Yngve was a Master student from Gothenburg University. Hannes was part of the Master program in Bioinformatics and Systems biology. He performed his Master thesis project in the group, working on a project analyzing genomic data from human populations who lived in middle and late Neolithic Scandinavia.



Arev Pelin Sümer is a master student from the MEME program. She was visiting the lab in 2019 and looked into GC-biased gene conversion.



Lina Löfstrand is a high school student from Gävle. In 2018, she was conducting a research project (Gymnasiearbete) studying the genetic basis of whether you are a morning or evening person.

emilieEmilie Laurent was a Bachelor student from Uppsala University who did her degree project with us in 2018. She was looking at telomere sequences in next-generation sequencing data from human remains. Emilie is now doing her Master in Bioinformatics.



Jose Manuel Monroy Kuhn was a Master student from the MEME program who did a research project with us in 2015. He developed a method to estimate kin-relationships from aDNA data which was published as READ (Relationship Estimation from Ancient DNA). Manuel went on to do a PhD at the University of Freiburg in Germany.

AndersAnders Sjölander was a Master student from Uppsala University who did his thesis with us in 2015/2016. He tested ways to estimate linkage disequilibrium (LD) from aDNA data and to date admixture events. His work became part of a large study on the recolonization of Scandinavia after the last glacial maximum.






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