This “blog” has been a bit quiet during the last year which doesn’t mean that nothing happened — actually there have been a number of changes. It all started with Torsten receiving a Starting Grant from the Swedish Research Council Vetenskapsrådet which was the point when this website turned into the Page of the “Günther Lab” (now even with a proper domain, Since then we have been joined by a number of people:

  • Emilie Laurent has completed her Bachelor project in the lab investigating telomeres in aDNA sequence data.
  • Luciana Simões joined as a co-supervised PhD student (her main supervisor is Mattias Jakobsson) working using ancient DNA to study the Neolithic transition in the western Mediterranean.
  • Lina Löfstrand is a high school student at Polhemsskolan in Gävle. She is doing a Gymnasiearbete on the genetics of being a morning person with some consultation at our group.
  • Hannes Yngve joined us as a Master student from Gothenburg University. He is studying the population genomics of late Neolithic groups in central Sweden.
  • Pedro Morell Miranda started his PhD studies on the population history of European sheep this fall.
  • Rickard Hammarén is a PhD student from the group of Carina Schlebusch working on the population history of African populations. He is co-supervised by Torsten.

A warm Welcome to everyone, great to have you around! We are here to stay, so there will hopefully be more people joining the group in the next year(s).