Together with Gülşah Merve Kılınç we have started a webinar series: Uppsala-Hacettepe Palaeogenetics and Population Genetics 2021. Our hope is to get researchers closer together while we cannot meet in person and have some of our favorite speakers give presentations about their exciting research. The two presentations we had so far where attended by up to 100 participants.

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Schedule so far:

Jan 27th 11:00 – Flora Jay, University of Paris-Saclay “Unsupervised machine learning methods for visualizing or generating population genetics data: applications to ancient DNA and to large present-day human datasets”
Feb 23rd 10:00 – Anders Bergström, The Francis Crick Institute “Origins and genetic legacy of prehistoric dogs”
Mar 24th 14:00 – Iain Mathieson, University of Pennsylvania “Polygenic scores for complex traits across space, populations and time”
April 27th 14:00 – Lara Cassidy, Trinity College Dublin “Genomic signals of hierarchy and heterogeneity in Irish Megaliths”